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e-david vs mixedmilcow2008-05-27 09:39edit
Access conversion issuesmilcow2008-05-27 07:26edit
Code re-useerwin2008-03-31 14:29edit
Cobertura code coverage toolerwin2008-03-31 13:02edit
Suggestionmichiel2008-02-15 15:01edit
New approachrenel2008-01-29 10:40edit
analysis of dialectmichiel2008-01-28 07:30edit
More detaildirk2008-01-25 10:37edit
Orcale SQL aka PL/SQLdirk2008-01-25 10:20edit
Musingsmichiel2008-01-24 12:06edit
Alpha Stateerwin2008-01-17 08:31edit
mistake in descriptiondirk2007-10-23 05:36edit
JDepend can do moreherman2007-10-17 07:58edit
messages from the plugindirk2007-10-05 11:53edit
do we need xml in the namekris2007-10-02 12:54edit
Customer Orientationmichiel2007-09-27 11:52edit
Maybe not even such a bad ideamichiel2007-09-27 11:01edit
Roadmap: milestones measurableherman2007-09-21 11:01edit
ESB within the applicationbarry2007-09-21 09:02edit
Business cases or testsetsherman2007-09-21 07:24edit
Triggers: data manipulating triggerserwin2007-09-18 06:18edit
Triggersdirk2007-09-17 12:14edit
preservation in the name?dirk2007-09-07 09:46edit
DP-variantenerwin2007-08-10 09:41edit
ODF not designed for long-term perservationdirk2007-07-11 12:09edit
Oh boy!rutger2007-07-03 20:46edit
3th standardkris2007-05-22 13:32edit
MIXED data must bedirk2007-05-01 14:34edit
RTOG is busy archivingdirk2007-04-12 07:43edit
Observed problems in datadirk2007-04-04 16:01edit
two commentshenkb2007-04-04 08:07edit
verwijzing naar externe datahenkk2007-03-22 15:51edit
productiondirk2007-03-08 13:41edit
brainstorm about riskswouter2007-03-05 14:00edit
projectmanagement tipwouter2007-03-05 13:56edit
projectmanagement planwouter2007-03-05 13:55edit
How to get to the GOKIT factors (Projectmanagement perspective)wouter2007-03-05 13:52edit
Possible migration riskerwin2007-02-28 10:02edit
still xml, more about datadirk2007-02-23 07:29edit
definitionsmaarten2007-02-22 09:21edit
More leadsdirk2007-02-20 09:25edit
More detailsdirk2007-02-13 15:10edit
prototype or productdirk2007-02-09 15:47edit
prototypelaurents2007-02-09 13:55edit
M-XML versus OpenXML versus ODFdirk2007-02-09 08:49edit
OpenXMLdirk2007-02-08 07:25edit
thinking throughdirk2007-02-06 07:51edit
thinking alonghenkk2007-02-05 13:48edit