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For questions and comments, please contact a member of staff. Clicking on a name takes you to the personal homepage of that person at the DANS website.

developer + I Vesa Âkerman
archive designer + I Lodewijk Bogaards
developer + I Martin Braaksma
project manager + I Henk Harmsen
dissemination + I René van Horik
technical archivist + I Henk Koning
software quality + I Rutger Kramer
lead developer + I Jan van Mansum
developer + I Joke Pol
project leader + I Dirk Roorda
archive manager + I Laurents Sesink
archive project leader + I Paula Witkamp
communication - I Marjan Balkestein
developer - D Rishma Biharie
information expert - D Michiel de Brieder
developer - C Taner Gedikoglu
information expert - D Kris Klykens  
developer - C Erwin Moetwil  
developer (lead-tech) - D Pieter van Prooijen
developer - C Barry van Someren


- no longer involved

+ currently active

I = DANS internal

C = external: Conspect

D = external: Daidalos