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2007-10-11 iPRES Beijing 2007

Conference website .

Status (2007-07-06): abstract accepted!

Status (2007-08-30): paper submitted!

Status (2007-10-11): presentation delivered! Waiting for the conference site to obtain the presentations of other speakers and the minutes of the concluding discussion.

Conference review

Some impressions

From the keynote (Seamus Ross): we need action: usable software, practical solutions. We are passed the stage of mere awareness raising. The level of ICT work and skills in preservation must be raised.

From some of the Chinese participants I got the impresison that the Chinese look for the West for ideas, standards, best practices, which they will implement subsequently. Workable ideas will be carried out on larger scales than we in the west are used to.

There was a cry for preservation made simple. It might be the case that once the Chinese encounter a preservation strategy that is not perfect, but good enough, they will massively adopt it. If that happens, an inversion could take place: instead of preservation trying to preserve everything in whatever format that is worth preserving, you get that if you want to preserve something, put it into the forms that are used for preservation.