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0001 - sc Research: Usability of DExT SPSS Reader inside MIXED framework.

Goal is to determine to what extent the DExT SPSS reader can be used within the MIXED framework. Can the SPSS reader act as a MIXED-plugin?

The webstie of the project DExT (Data Exchange Tools)  can be found at:

The SPPS Reader can be found at:


The outcomes of this story will be used a input for an article to be presented at a workshop at the IASSIST conference.


  1. Status and quality of the SPSS Reader
  2. Are adjustments of MIXED required?
  3. "The opposite way" - Is it possible to go from SPSS to SDFP?


Alpha State

Comment from Michiel de Brieder moved to this page: The reader mentioned above is unfortunately still in an alpha state. I am expecting a roadmap for the further development of the component which may give us some more insight on the most current state of the reader. At first sight it would seem that the component is able to read a file (which would be no problem to incorporate in the framework) and then export it in different output formats. The research report I am about to write will be added as a child page to this chapter