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What kind of dialects do we have to consider?

What kind of dialects do we have to consider?

There are several databases that are identified as databases that should be converted initially. For each database the SQL dialact has been written down, when available:

Database SQL Dialect
dBase III  n.a.
dBase IV  n.a.
dBase V  n.a.
Microsoft Access  ANSI SQL-89 / ANSI SQL-92
CSV format  n.a.
SPSS  n.a.
Clarion  n.a.
Foxpro  n.a.
MySQL  MySQL dialect
Microsft SQL server  T-SQL (Transact-SQL)
PostgreSQL  PostgreSQL SQL
Oracle  Oracle SQL (PL/SQL)

n.a. = not available

For the mentioned dBase versions and the Foxpro database there is a JDBC driver available at StelsDBF for $120,-, we may want to consider using the driver to connect to the database files and parse the files either immediately to SDFP or to the intermediate ANSI SQL format, whichever requires the least effort.

Orcale SQL aka PL/SQL