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0016 - sc SQL dialect parsers: Document the architecture of the (example) ANSI-SQL converter

Several ANSI-SQL dialect parsers will be created.
The implementation of the ANSI-SQL converter which was realized in an earlier stage of the MIXED project will be use as a blue print for all ANSI-SQL dialect parsers.
Proper documentation of the architecture for the dialect parsers is needed.


Result of this story: Proper documentation of the architecture for the ANSI-SQL dialect parsers.

SQL dialect parsers.doc33.5 KB
Class Diagram AnsiSqlConverter.doc35.5 KB
SSD AnsiSqlConverter.doc37.5 KB


The documentation looks good, the UML notations particularly are clear and descriptive. However, I would like to suggest a description of the flow in words to accompany the schemes.

furthermore, if time can be found, it may be wise to bundle the documents into one document with a little more information on how the converter is created in due time (what kind of problems arose etc etc) so that we may learn from it for the future creation of plugins

All in all the documents look very well and ready to support the development of new plug-ins