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Inventarisation database and spreadsheet formats


Answers to the following questions:

  • Which formats of databases and spreadsheets do actually occur in datasets to be archived by DANS and others?
  • What requirements have future users of the MIXED software?
  • Can we use existing interchange formats such as Office OpenXML and ODF?
  • Can we put SPSS in scope?
  • In which scenarios must the MIXED software do its work?


  • a bank of knowledge containing
    • backgrounds on methods of ensuring preservation in archives
    • survey of target audience of MIXED (data projects inside and outside DANS)
    • overview of sciences that DANS supports
    • an evaluation of OpenXML and ODF
  • an inventarisation of database/spreadsheet formats
  • specifications of the scenarios of MIXED
  • an initial list of data formats to be supported by MIXED; this corresponds to the list of modules we have to develop in the design and realisation stage




person time money  
Dirk 500  31250  
Laurents 200  12500  
René 100  6250  
Rutger 100  6250  
Marjan 20  1350  
Henk H 50  3750  
Erwin Moetwil 180  9000  
total   70350  


How to get to the GOKIT factors (Projectmanagement perspective)

If you add to the to do list the names, estimates of time needed per to do item, as clear as possible objectives (results, think SMART) and deadlines then you have the most important GOKIT factors (time: time estimates (usage/deadlines), Organisation: who does it?, Kwaliteit: which results of the activities and money that is a result of the time spent).