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This page collects reference material relevant to MIXED.

Table of contents


Records management and archival standards



  •  DANS Datakeurmerk: Kwaliteitsrichtlijnen voor digitale onderzoeksdata. (pdf - in Dutch)

Trusted Digital Repository 


Standard about best archiving practices


Competenznetwerk Langzeitarchivierung

ISO 15489-1

This ISO standard was developed to standardize international best practice in records management.

  • Information and documentation – Records management – Part 1 General. 2001 (NEN/ISO 15489-1).  


Auxiliary standards



Open Document Format (native format of OpenOffice, also: interchange format) (oasis, Cover pages, Wikipedia local copy). Contains as sublanguage: (OFL local copy) Open Formula Language, see also oasislocal copy. There is a new group trying to promote adherence to ODF, the ODF alliance. In the Netherlands, there is the Open Doc Society.


Microsoft Office 2007 native format and interchange format (ECMA, OpenXML Developer, Wikipedia local copy: standard<pdf 47 MB!> annexes); in parts: part1 (Fundamentals) <1.4 MB>, part2 (Packaging) <1.2 MB>, part3 (Office Markup Languages) <5.4 MB>, part4 (Reference, Relax, Schema)<29.0 MB>, part5 (Compatibility and Extensibility) <0.6 MB>; overview online local copy; Open Packaging Convention (OPC) online local copy


Open format for Office documents from China. (Wikipedia), intro (online, local copy), presentation (online, local copy). Based on ODF, with many Chinese extra's. Standard body: CESI (Chines website; I cannot find the standard text on the English version of this site).

Comparison ODF and OpenXML

Interoperability ODF and OpenXML


Design patterns, templates, practices


SOA (Server Oriented Architecture)

ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language)

Nora (Nederlandse Overheid Referentie Architectuur)


Auxiliary resources


Preserving Access to Digital Resources (National Library of Australia).


Format repository. Lists information about formats of digital information: applications, vendors, versions (main site). Contains:


DROID (Digital Record Object Identification), with software tools (local installer files: mac windows), belongs to PRONOM

National Library of New Zealand Metadata Extraction Tool Version

Extraction of Metadata from digital files (main site), with software tools (local files: software docs adapters)


JStore/Harvard Object Validation Environment. A framework for determining the formats of digital objects. online

File Formats for Preservation

Conference in Vienna, 2004. Proceedings.


Related projects



Testbed digitale duurzaamheid



Cultural, Artistic and Scientific knowledge for Preservation, Access and Retrieval - an Integrated Project co-financed by the European Union within the Sixth Framework Programme, that started on 1 April 2006. CASPAR will research, implement, and disseminate innovative solutions for digital preservation based on the OAIS reference model (ISO:14721:2002).


Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries partially funded by the European Commission in the frame of the Information Society Technologies Programme (IST). The main objectives of DELOS are research, whose results are in the public domain, and technology transfer, through cooperation agreements with interested parties.

On cluster of the programme (WP6) is dedicated to digital preservation issues. Integrated research in the preservation cluster will provide the methodological framework and theory for ensuring that digital libraries research addresses preservation issues and digital libraries incorporate preservation elements in their designs.  







Open Data Foundation

Mission: to make statistical data accessible. Supporter of DDI. Website.


Rich objects archiving through Web services online


A networked service to document information types. Moreover: a system of conversions between information types. Clients can look for conversion services through type brokers. A completely different approach to digital durability than MIXED tries to implement. Promising, though. TOM


A fairly recent initiative to bundle archives and software companies around the theme of digital durability. Looks like Planets has inherited SIARD. Planets


Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library (Netherlands)). Several reports, jointly with IBM. Specific interest in emulation techniques. online, local copies: overview authenticity preservation uvc mediamigration webpublications emulation

Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC)

Website paper Mind the Gap. See also the list of allied organisations on the site.


Open Source as Part of Software Strategy (Open Source als Onderdeel van de Software Strategie). Dutch program reflecting on the role of open source in the Dutch government. online; definition open source: online, local copy; definition open standards: online, local copy. (all Dutch).


PREservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies


Articles, journals, reports, books


Digital curation (journal)

The State of Digital Preservation: An international perspective

Digital Preservation and Permanent Access to Scientific Information: The State of the Practice. CENDI - 2004-3.

Material by Henry M. Gladney

  • homepage
  • (book) Preserving Digital Information Springer 2007. ISBN 978-3-540-37886-0. See review.

  • (presentation) Principles for 100 year Digital Preservation. online, local copy.

  • (article) Preserving Digital Records: A Method Guided by Scientific Philosophy. online, local copy.

  • (journal) Digital Document Quarterly. online.

Long-term Preservation of Digital Documents: Principles and Practices

The data documentation initiative: a preservation standard for research by Karsten Boye Rasmussen and Grant Blank

ICPSR meets OAIS: applying the OAIS reference model to the social science archive context by Mary Vardigan and Cole Whiteman

Addressing the uncertain future of preserving the past

  • Stijn Hoorens, Jeff Rothenberg,  Constantijn van Oranje, Martijn van der Mandele,  Ruth Levitt. Published in 2007 by the RAND corporation. The purpose of the document is to analyse the Koninklijke Bibliotheek’s e-Depot strategy in the context of wider developments in the archiving and publishing environment. Online at KB, at RAND, local copy.
  • Presentation of the same titel bij Stijn Hoorens: online, local copy.

 A Proposed Standard for the Scholarly Citation of Quantitative Data

  • Micah Altman, Gary King
  • online, local copy
  • the interesting topic for MIXED here is UNF (Universal Numeric Fingerprints). This is a technology to take fingerprints from tabular data; the fingerprints are sensitive to the values of the data, not to the file format of the data. MIXED may use UNFs to test whether a format conversion preserves the actual data faithfully, an important quality check.


(Inter)national cooperation

DANS is working in close collaboration with a number of national and international organisations:

  • Council of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA). website 
  • European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).
  • Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA). website
  • Inter-university Consortium for Policital and Social Research (ICPSR). website
  • International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology (IASSIST). website 
  • Alliance Data Documentation Initiative Alliance for describing Social Science Data (DDI). website
  • Association for History and Computing (AHC). website
  • Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH). AHDS (UK), CNRS (France), DANS (Netherlands), MPG (Germany). website
  • Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS). website  
  • National Coalition for Digital Preservation (DANS, Royal Library, Surf, National Archive, KNAW, NWO and the technical universities. website
  • Digital Academic Repositories (DARE). Surf. website 




UN database browser

  • This is an example what you can do once you have harmonized access to databases of different vendors and types
  • database browser.
  • explanations: about, faq.