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0042 - sc Research Spike: Research dBase java code from Rutger

A few years ago, Rutger Kramer has worked on a project called "Xpast". Rutger build a quick and dirty DBF-converter.

Research: Can we use this code in the Mixed project?

Code re-use

The code can be partially re-used to create a mixed-dbf-converter plugin.
The code is very simple but leans on the dbf-file-format definition (off-course!). When we have documentation of this file format, we can (re) use the code of Rutger.

At this moment it seems not worthy to try to get the code (in which we miss one or more java-classes) to work.

So, the conclusion of this story is "Yes, we can (partially) re-use the code of the DFB-converter, created by Rutger".


DBF file format: /node/57