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MS Access Conversie Issues

Milco Wansleeben has written an VB program that retrieves the datamodel and data from an Access Database, and converts them into SDFP.

This is a log of issues encountered.

Description field in field specs

In Access you can specify a comment to each field in the datamodel. It is important not to loose this information when converting to SDFP. Could we enrich the SDFP datamodel XML schema with elements to capture this info?

Basic Data types

In SDFP we must take decisions as to the representation of basic datatypes: integer, real, date-times, possibly money.

mixed_export_corrected.xml_.txt4.03 KB

e-david vs mixed


  • There are differences between the database scheme as created by e-David en Mixed, how far should or could the Mixed scheme be different?
  • Small deviation should be prevented: document=database, tableName=tablename, contents=content.
  • Cosmetic changes should also be avoided.


  • in relations the tag type (type string) is missing in Mixed, should be included.
  • Tag characteristic is no longer of type string (it is split in onDelete and onUpdate)

Access conversion issues

During testing the following three (major) issues came up:

  1. MS-Access uses a description field for information about the variable/attribute/field (variable label): this information is not a part of the mixed database XSD
  2. date/time values are to be specified as a fixed format (yyyy-mm-dd) or a way to include a scheme in the tags should be included.
  3. decimal delimiter (. or ,) is related to the language of the operating system, the same holds for boolean fields (True, Waar, or 1): data presentation should be made explicite.