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A condensed version that contains most of the textual material of this report can be downloaded in PDF format.


Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday morning, 2009 September 10-12. Detailed program (read more ...)

Getting in touch with MIXED

MIXED presentation and demo

Thursday: 14.00 - 15.00

Dirk Roorda (project leader) gave a presentation about MIXED, the history, leading principle, expected role. In between Jan van Mansum (lead developer) described the software development process and gave a demo. The demo had to be continued on the next day, due to an issue with the network.

Speakers' corner

Thursday: 15.30 – 17.00

The workshop-organisers have invited experts in order to obtain information and knowledge about how to organise the continuation of the results of the MIXED project. We have prepared a number of specific questions to be fired at the experts during this part of the program. Here are the questions and answers (read more ...)

Statement of expectations

Thursday 17.00-17.30

Dirk gives his expectations from this workshop.

Working on MIXED

Friday: 9.30 - 18.00

The participants are active in Digital Preservation, Data Archives, Research Infrastructures and Open Source Software Development, and most of them in more than one of these areas of interest.

We divided into four subgroups. Every subgroup had representatives of each of the aforementioned expertises. They were asked to give a presentation at the end about their assessment of the goals and opportunities of MIXED.

Read more about the group assignment ...

RG-SR-AH-DR (Rob Grim, Sebastian Rahtz, Alison Heatherington, Dirk Roorda)

JR-RS-VM-RvH (Jeroen Rombouts, Rainer Schmidt, Vladislav Makarenko, René van Horik)

AB-EK-BS-SK-RK (Amir Bernstein, Ellen Kraffmiller, Barbara Sierman, Steven Krauwer, Rutger Kramer)

MKS-NA-JD-JvM (live at Prezi) (Marc Kemps-Snijders, Nathan Adams, John Doove, Jan van Mansum)

For reference: here is the list of participants and their affiliations.

Wrapping up

Saturday: 9.00 - 10.30

On the last day, Dirk wrapped up as follows ...


Conspicuous detail: the hats. Every participant could choose two hats:

  • digital preservation (they perform a Red Alert)
  • data archives (protection of Blue Shield)
  • research infrastructures (they want Black Boxes)
  • open source software (what is Whiter than free software?)

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