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There are 4 subgroups, every subgroup has members with hats in Digital Preservation, Data Archives, Research Infrastructures, ICT and Open Source.

We want you to discuss questions related to MIXED from the various perspectives.

The outcome is to be presented by an appointed member of the group in the late afternoon session.

These are the generic questions:

1.    identify future goals for the development/deployment of MIXED

2.    plan steps by which to proceed to those goals

3.    take into account the four fields of expertise (hats)

try to find ways to combine efforts from all four fields

Suggestions for questions related to the four perspectives can be found on Memo 3, which are summarised below. Please, do not feel constrained by this list.

digital preservation

how do you evaluate “smart migration”?

·       what about retaining some aspects and losing other aspects of a file?

data archives

where in the archival process (ingest, administration, management, dissemination) would you want to use the software?

is MIXED a contribution to being/becoming a Trusted Digital Repository?

research infrastructures

how can MIXED collect the best practices in the area of file format conversions, so that networks of data archives can employ them?

how should MIXED be governed? An international board?

ict and open source

how do we foster an open source MIXED community?

·       who are likely to contribute? Individuals? Data archives? Software vendors? Government ministries?


Perhaps I should not say that if you find ways to make a meaningful contribution that is completely outside these guidelines, you are very welcome to do so!

Side remarks:

preservation is not a place - open source is not for free - infrastructure is not a project - repositories are not for ever