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An archiving framework for rich digital objects, in which a MIXED module might find a logical place, or, conversely, a software network that MIXED might borrow from. See the references page.

Testbed Digitale Duurzaamheid

A set of thoughts and guidelines for storing data for durability. Defines a proof of concept, and has developed some tools. Together it constitutes a starting point for MIXED. See the references page.


A proof of concept of Migration on Request. A closer look reveals that this is a strategy to an intermediate format, probably in XML. The concept has been worked out for some image formats, such as WMF and SVG. See the references page.


Software for detaching databases from their native software, looks a lot like what we want to do in MIXED. See the references page.


Solution for archiving databases. Commercial software. Seems to be a follow up of SIARD. At least, there is a personal connection between the two: Peter Keller-Marxer. See the references page.


An XML format for (scientific) documents called DDF, plus converting software. It mentions arguments why a schema is more apt than a DTD. It shows conversion paths through existing formats with the use of existing converters. Although documents are out of scope for MIXED, we can glean from the conversion logistics. It is probably not a good idea to come with a dedicated format for a special class of documents, with dedicated metadata structures. MIXED prefers to work with generic formats, that can express all utterances of a given structure, whether it is database, spreadsheet, or possibly, SPSS data. See the references page.

KB (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Royal Library Netherlands)

Exponent of the emulation approach to digital preservation. See the references page.

Digital Preservation Coalition

The DPC was established in 2001 and formally launched at the House of Commons in February 2002.  It is a cross-sectoral membership organisation formed to foster joint action to address the urgent challenges of securing the preservation of digital resources in the UK and to work with others internationally to secure our global digital memory and knowledge base. See the references page. You can browse to a list of allied organisations.


See the references page.