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Definition stage 2007-01-01 2007-03-31

when what qualities who
2007-03-31 deliverables intermediate XML format
  • written out as schema or dtd
  • good treatment of basic datatypes
  • no vendor specific items
  • explicit reference to related standards and work
René, Laurents, Rutger, Dirk
functional design
  • for import and export modules
  • for overall application
  • specific only about what we want to design in the next stage of the project; a fully detailed functional design will be the result of the design stage
Rutger, Dirk
personnel in place list of candidates, together a team with the required competences:
  • java programming skills, xml knowledge
  • one person with architectural skills in general
  • one database expert, preferably Oracle
Rutger, Dirk
planning update
  • detailed description of MIXED objectives
  • planning, broken-down in measured steps (time, money, quality, organization, information
2007-02-28 analysis datasets analysed profiles of datasets, indicating:
  • kind: spreadsheet/database, made by which application
  • size in bytes, number of cells, number of tables and relations
  • descriptions of datatypes used
  • occurrence of special items: formulas, text-formatting, stored procedures, views
  • assessment of overall quality and tidiness of the data: inconsistencies, omissions, superfluous materials
Laurents, Rutger, Dirk
dataformats analysed set of current spreadsheet and database formats with their characteristics:
  • which features and datatypes does the format support
  • which character encoding issues are associated with this format
  • which API's or other interfacing tools are there to access data in this format
Rutger, Dirk
client quality criteria set of usability/quality criteria, obtained from interviews with clients ??
related work reviewed review related work and related standards in the following respects:
  • kind of work: abstract standard, technical guidelines, functional design, implemented software
  • relevance: immediate, remotely
  • desirability: we want to have it, follow it, use it, or not
  • co-operability: usable, copyable, modifiable, developable in joint effort, open/closed source, free/costly
René, Laurents
outline XML format
  • specifiaction of basic datatypes
  • specification of basic row/field-cell structure
  • hints for extra aspect of databases and spreadsheets
Rutger, Dirk, Laurents, René
outline functional specs
  • core functionality of import/export modules
  • core functionality of overall application
Rutger, Dirk, René, Laurents
plan for hiring personnel
  • criteria for individuals and the resulting team
  • networks, job-centers, relationships to be used to find those people
Rutger, Dirk, Henk
2007-01-31 gathering datasets gathered we want to have
  • 10 databases, divided over Access, SQL Server and Oracle
  • 10 spreadsheets, divided over Excel, OpenOffice, and ??
  • the sets must be real-world, not engineered for testing purposes, the sets must have a reasonable size, not bigger than 100 MB, not smaller than 500kB
  • the sets must originate from researchers in the arts, humanities and social sciences
  • the sets must be stored on the DANS network, maybe also in EASY
Rutger, Laurents, René, Dirk
dataformats gathered we want to have:
  • a comprehensive list of database and spreadsheet formats
  • per format: the application, vendor, versions and period of viability
  • a small selection of target formats, probably Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, OpenOffice
  • per format in the selection: an overview of existing convertors, a specification of the format itself, as much additional documentation as possible
Rutger, Dirk
related work inventarised we want to have:
  • a comprehensive list of standards concerning archiving and digital durability
  • per item in this list: the organization, the relevance, abstractness, level of solidification, authority, date of validity
  • a comprehensive list of projects working on archiving in relation to digital durability
  • per item in this list: the organization, documentation, software and other products of the project, time span of the project, relevance, importance to us and others
Laurents, René
detailed planning definition stage we want to ensure:
  • that this text becomes the real planning for the definition stage by means of the usual dialectics
  • that everybody involved is able to commit himself to the tasks needed by this planning
Dirk, Laurents, René, Rutger, Henk
update overall planning
  • more exact formulation of MIXED's objectives
  • list of activities, planned in terms of time, money, quality, information, organisation
  • the project site (this site) in working order
  • time-tracking software in working order
  • extra rooms ready to use
Dirk, Lucas, Henk

projectmanagement tip

You need to make plannings on 2 levels: globaly (for example per fase) and more specific (per workpackage for example) Wouter