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Project Data


Here are the documents that constitute the information about the current affairs of MIXED.


The background knowledge and the knowledge that we at MIXED are collecting belongs to the public pages of this site.


  • Use another skin! The MIXED skin might not be optimal for heavy duty use of this site. I recommend marvin or chameleon. You can select another skin by clicking on my account and then edit
  • You can navigate to the individual documents by clicking in the list below Internal contents left.
  • If you go to a document, a document navigation menu opens on the right, showing where you are in the document.
  • You can collect documents in part of whole by using the printer-friendly version below the page. This shows the current page plus all its child pages in a basic layout, ready to save or print. In this way you can make personal snapshots
  • who can read my material? Only logged in users in the role of monitor, contributor and leader can see anything under Internal. Everybody can see the rest. Monitors are those people that are interested in the progress of MIXED. They cannot contribute content. Everybody can contribute comments, though. Contributors are project members only. They can edit eachother's pages. Leader is the project leader. He is administrator as well, and can restrict edit and delete access to some pages. Everybody can search, no search results of pages that you have not view rights on will be shown. Restricting access is not automatic, see the next bullet!
  • If you add a page to the internal contents, make sure to restrict access to that page: under the edit box, click on access and check the following boxes
    • view: intern, leader, monitor
    • edit: intern, leader
    • delete: intern, leader
  • Often we rearrange pages, since this is a site representing a work process. The links to the pages, however, are fixed, they will not change. If you cannot find a page at its familiar position, you can try either of the following:
    • find the original link in some email, if somebody has given you a hint once to look at that page
    • click the contents menu, nearly at the bottom of the Internal menu. It will give you a clickable list of all pages
    • search for keywords on that page, by using the search menu. Searching works by using an index. So the search might miss new modifications. Rebuilding the index is not scheduled yet, but I will do so soon.
  • We are working on clean urls, that means that the urls do not contain the ?q= string. If that succeeds, Google will index more pages of our site. I will check that it will not index the Internal pages!